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Getting Over The Interview Fear.

November 1, 2016



Some people in the world are lucky enough to have absolutely no fear of either talking to strangers, standing up in front of a room of people or attending an interview.


Unfortunately, this is not the norm! Candidates often provide feedback that they often experience nerves when preparing for and going to interviews.


This is something I found quite hard to relate to until recently when I had the opportunity to give a quick thank you speech in front of around 150 young CAs.


This should have been a quick and simple task, right?


 Wrong – I found myself quite nervous and anxious, so I decided to rehearse my very short speech several times – practice makes perfect I told myself.


As the time for me to stand up and deliver the thank you drew nearer I started to remember what those first interview nerves felt like. Luckily I had ample time to prepare and after all the anticipation and build up, it was over before I knew it.


The nerves that come with meeting new people, talking about yourself or even worse, having to ‘big note’ yourself to prospective employers are undeniable. Whilst you can go too far and over do it, is very important to be comfortable when speaking about yourself, and this is where preparation is key.


A very effective way of preparing for an interview is to review your CV and to potential responses to anticipated questions using the STAR acronym:


  • Situation

  • Task

  • Action

  • Result


This way you can clearly show how you’ve understood, approached, and accomplished previous tasks. It is also a great tool for conquering nerves.


Another excellent way to combat nerves is to ensure you are familiar with the situation you’re going into, i.e. getting to know your target audience.


Research is key: learn as much as possible about your prospective employer as well as your interviewer. LinkedIn is an excellent tool for this.


This might seem obvious however I think it is important to highlight, the person who is interviewing you actually WANTS you to get the job, you just need to give them a reason.


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